Tuesday, 29 November 2011

An excited Year 4 class

Today I told the class about "Quad blogging"
We will visit 3 other school blogs in our "quad", to find out about learning in their class.

The children were very excited including me!

Here are the other blogs in our Quad

Here are some responses from Year 4

I think quad blogging is great so because you get to look at other peoples blogs. elle

i think it will be fun looking at other peoples blogs and i are looking forward to see the quad blog.Alex
i think  its greate to look at other peopls blog.
I am looking forward to seeing the other people's blog. jayden

We will be going into the ICT suite soon.


  1. quad blogging is brill

  2. It was really fun looking at different class blog's. From Hannah.

  3. It was brilliant looking at the 3 diffrent schools in I.C.T. i enjoyed it.

  4. It was well cool looking at the other blogs it was fun to find out were they was from.

    from amber xx

  5. I was really exited when mrs warner said we have a post from another teacher in anorther school.

  6. Hi there,
    My name is Mr Curtis and I am one of the other teachers from your Quadblogging group!

    My class and I have had a look at your blog and think it is excellent - we really enjoyed looking at your pictures.

    We're looking forward to having more contact with you in the future.

    From Mr Curtis and 3PC

  7. the quad blogging is cool from christopher

  8. I love quad blogging I agree with Elle it is brill.

  9. It was really exiting when we were going on other childrens blogs.

  10. It was really exiting when we were going on other childrens blogs.

  11. Hello Mr Curtis and 3PC, we are also looking forward to quadblogging with you. I think it's a fantastic way to celebrate our achievements and share ideas.