Monday, 20 February 2012


This morning we continued our fraction work using strips of paper and a paper clip. The children had to estimate different fractions using the paper clip.
Can you remember how we checked if it was right?

After working out different fractions I gave the groups different numbers to add at the end of the strip.
They had to work out which number went on the folds if the whole of the strip was marked with 40, 64, 120 and 1200.

Some games to play

Fraction Monkeys
13 ways to make a half
Butterfly fractions
Falling numbers

Tuesday afternoon maths, Yummy Pizza fractions


  1. it was hard to mace a 3 cwoter but we got there in the end some of us found it easy some didant

    from ela xxx

  2. Fractions can be very difficult to learn about but it looks like your teacher has made them lots of fun using pizza! I like to use cakes with my class :-)

    Miss Taylor
    Y5 teacher Stubbins Primary School