Sunday, 5 February 2012

A snowy weekend

I hope you are having a great time this weekend, maybe having some sledging fun or making a snowman.

Here is a picture of my snowy back garden.
I wonder who has made the footprints?

Can you take a picture of your garden and bring it to school tomorrow? We could compare the snowfall in different areas.

Have fun!


  1. I wil try too bring one in mrs warner my back garden is full

  2. Mrs warner your garden is so big from luke and bailey

  3. Did you all enjoy the snow?
    What did you do ?
    What was it like to see the snow ?
    where you amazed?

  4. like your graden mrs waner it looks realy nice

  5. wow your garden is full of snow but I had lots of snow in mine by Abbie

  6. There was lots of snow in that garden.

    Danny Shelley first school