Wednesday, 25 April 2012

100 word challenge w28

Here is the new prompt for the 100wc

I really hope we will have many more entries to add to the 100wc blog. Have a look and get your thinking caps on.

The zoo needs some more  keepers and to get the job you have to write a creative piece either about one of the strange animals you saw on the screen or one you have made up. You have only got 100 words so really think hard about the words you choose so that your reader could paint the picture.

Budding Night Zookeepers
Watching the introduction

Making notes about the animals they could see

Discussing what they have seen

Planning time - describing the animal

Thinking carefully - I only have 100 words

Sharing thoughts and ideas

Writing up the stories in the ICT suite

Emailing them to Mrs W so she can post them on the blog


  1. It looks like you have had a really great day working on the 100 word challenge. I look forward to reading all of your entries this week. Remember to be as descriptive as possible!

    The Night Zookeeper

    1. yes we had a great time it was a fun chalenge i
      know i enjoyd it i will look at the website.

      from ela

  2. I really enjoyed looking at your photographs of your 100 Word Challenge journey. I think it's a challenging prompt but it gives you fantastic opportunities to let your imaginations run wild. I'll read your entries over the week-end, something to look forward to!

    Mrs Stones

  3. We loved looking at all the animal pictures, they were very creative and colourful. We thought they were very cool. From Henry and Ellie at Brandlehow School.