Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Adverts week 2

Tuesday was spent looking at the adverts and the Big Write winner was chosen. 

Here is the winning advert, can you identify the reasons why it was chosen?

The children had to reflect on their work and give suggestions of what would be done to improve - called a wish, other children also gave a star (something they thought was good about it)

A star

These are the things to consider next time

This morning we watched some adverts we might see on the T.V and we discussed the similarities and differences between those on screen and the ones in print.

In groups, the children began to plan their adverts we will film and, hopefully, show on our blog.

The children will continue tomorrow producing their story board and script.

*Homework - look out for an advert and consider the following things

What makes it effective?
What type of language is used?
How does it persuade?
What other features can you see?
Who is the advert aimed at?


  1. well done Alex, a super advert i love your wording
    from Rebecca(Alex's mum)

  2. Hello Year 4,

    I can see from the photos you have all worked hard on your advertisements. It can be hard to decide what main features of an item should be included in an ad. Ads need to catch the eye of customers and the information needs to make them feel they want the item.

    I can see you by your ads you all understand this. Well done. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  3. Hi those drawings look amazing I wish I could see them real life.

    from Luke&Owen