Monday, 6 August 2012

Target setting

All the wonderful hands you decorated during transition week have been put up and added to the
Investors in Pupils display.

I would like you to think about the individual targets you will be aiming for in September.

The rocket is for our Class Target, it has to reach the moon and then we will get a certificate.
Together we will decide what this should be the first week back.

I hope you're having a lovely holiday. Don't forget to send me a postcard.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Year 4,

    Your new school year learning journey is soon to begin.

    So much will happen in your year ahead as you work towards your targets. One of my fondest memories of classes was their ability to reach for the stars and achieve what once they might have thought beyond them.

    I hope you have the chance to share your journey through your blog. The world awaits to share as you reach for the stars.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia